Supreme Muscle

The TA-6000 is designed specifically for the larger tractors like the JD 8630. The TA-6000 is a true power-house loader. Considering the size of this loader, the ability to Power-Mount™ and use attachments with the patented Snap-Attach™ System is truly amazing.


The TA-6000 advantage:

  • Heavy duty torsion tube provides extra support for maximum torque resistance.
  • Power linkage allows bucket more tilt and roll back action.
  • Grill guard acts as a push point.
  • Rub bar neutralizes side pressure.
  • Lift height of 14' 6".
  • Low-profile fit increases visibility and sightlines while working.
  • Double-tapered arm design resists twisting and increases strength.
  • Mount or dismount your loader hydraulically in less than 2 minutes without any tools or dangerous stands.
  • Snap-Attach™ System makes changing attachments easy.
  • Complete line of attachments available.
  • All hoses and mounting brackets included.


Call 1-877-423-0070 for standard loader package information. This is a custom built loader that is built to fit the make and model of your tractor.


Call for Replacement Cylinders
Call for Replacement Cylinders
Call for Replacement Cylinders
Call 712-423-2762 for replacement cylinders, seal kits, or other cylinder parts.
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